Tarocco Gallo Orange

Tarocco Gallo Orange
About Tarocco Gallo Orange

Shipping starting from 05 December 2022!

All the fragrance and sweetness of the tarocco gallo oranges in your home!
Oranges are harvested on the day of shipment; this allows you to have the freshness of a freshly picked fruit on your table very quickly.

Shape: spheroidal oranges with a more or less pronounced pedicel lobe
Peel: finely papillated, medium-thick and orange with red hues
Pulp: yellow with reddish pigmentation, very juicy, soft and with few seeds
Caliber: medium/large size
Dimensions: 180 gr
Juice: 33-40%

Origin Italia-Sicilia - Cat. I - Cal. 7-8

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Sicilian oranges as freshly picked
The best products of Sicilian citrus production on your table. The Terranova company brings directly to your home the freshness of freshly picked Sicilian oranges!
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